WeChat Social E-commerce for F&B

XPLORA WeChat Social E-commerce solution

WeChat Official Account + Mini Program = XPLORA WeChat Social E-commerce solution

Have your own membership mechanism and master user information

Localized payment method VISA & MASTER

Multi-scene meal-taking method to increase orders

Attract new customers

Introduce customers to the store through WeChat official account before meal and take traffic in your own hands

Maintain customers

Able to view user consumption trajectory
and retain core consumer groups

Repeat purchase

Multi-style marketing tools and allow users to place orders and increase business revenue

Increase revenue

The cost of investing in a store and reap profits from 3 stores

One-Stop F&B
Industry Solutions

Through the mini program, we can realize offline scan code ordering, online reservation, takeaway, and sharing with friends. For merchants, we have our own online store and customer data to help merchants better retain customers

WeChat Solutions Provider

Hot Pot

Grilled Fish

Mala Tang


Noodle & Porridge






Bubble Tea

Fast Food

Dine-in & Self-collection

Multi Ordering Channels

Skip queue & pick up at counter

Scan to order at store

Self service through scan code

Online order through 
mini program

Skip queue to place order

Suitable for all business

Eliminate confusion in orders

Marketing and transaction integration

Increase revenue

Promotes transaction flow

Constant engagement with customer

Higher profitability through takeaways

Lower commission

Increase income

Convert offline customers to online

Promote value of brand to customer

Simple marketing & operations

Reduce dependency on third party platform

Accurate data analysis

User analysis

User information & Spending analysis

Management analysis

Store analysis & Performance analysis

Marketing analysis

Coupon analysis & Product analysis

WeChat Marketing & Advertisement

We can assist you in O2O Outlet operations

Build O2O Outlet within Reach

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Multiple traffic entry points

Multi-channels for customer acquisition

Official Account & O2O Outlet Interconnectivity

Plan marketing campaign

Extensive coverage of various scenarios

Fun play to attract users

Various form to quickly improve sales

Refreshing Marketing Campaign Planning

Connecting Official Account with O2O Outlet

Integrate content and services

Easy traffic conversion

Member Profile Management

Manage user data

Stay interactive

Timely push notification to promote repurchase