WeChat Marketing & Advertisement

Powerful WeChat marketing ecosystem

Create a perfect circular process from the user to merchant integrating social networking, marketing and transactions.

Build O2O Outlet within Reach

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Multiple traffic entry points

Multi-channels for customer acquisition

Official Account & O2O Outlet Interconnectivity

Plan marketing campaign

Extensive coverage of various scenarios

Fun play to attract users

Various form to quickly improve sales

Refreshing Marketing Campaign Planning

Connecting Official Account with O2O Outlet

Integrate content and services

Easy traffic conversion

Member Profile Management

Manage user data

Stay interactive

Timely push notification to promote repurchase

WeChat Marketing Social E-commerce & 
Official Account Interconnectivity

WeChat Social E-Commerce

Store Management


Online Ordering

Booking & Reservation

Official Account


Precision Marketing

Platfom Followers

User Demographic

Brand Positioning Analysis

Analyze the brand's market positioning and develop a personalized WeChat marketing plan

Platform Design

Provide you with a small program interface design and functions suitable for your brand

Content & Articles

One-to-one decoration for your official account and provide training services

Marketing Campaign Planning

Provide a full range of Chinese and Malaysian media cooperation, KOL, WeChat advertising, radio, etc.

WeChat Marketing Operation Solutions

Benefit of
WeChat Official Account

Outreach Rate

High Accuracy

High Acceptance Rate

High Exposure

High Coveniency

Low Marketing Cost

Advertising Channels




Tencent Video


QQ Browser

Tencent News


WeChat Moments Advertising

WeChat Moments information stream with the largest traffic in the WeChat system.

WeChat Official Account Advertising

Ads are embedded in articles and seen by multiple people to gain more exposure

WeChat Mini Program Advertising

Ads  appear in mini programs or games with a large number of users in various forms.