Adopting the new O2O concept

WeChat Social E-Commerce is a proven successful solution in China and is currently serving more than 1 billion users in China alone. Covering a wide range of services such as food-delivery, online shopping, utilities payment and etc. where daily life needs are conveniently and efficiently resolved through WeChat Social E-Commerce. However, WeChat Social E-Commerce are still relatively unknown among outside China. Today, we will unveil what WeChat Social E-Commerce is and the benefits of WeChat Social E-Commerce!

What is WeChat Social E-Commerce?

WeChat Social E-Commerce is embedded within the WeChat ecosystem and can be used without downloading or installing. It is accessible by scanning a QR code or search option within the WeChat "Mini Program". It is very user friendly, allowing users to place orders or shop for products, purchase, refer to friends and use as-you-go easily and conveniently.

WeChat Mini Program and WeChat Official Account can be linked together,  and no registration is required. It is very simple, just login to the WeChat Social E-Commerce platform and click on the option button to link them up.

WeChat Social E-Commerce can easily be shared amongst the community to achieve the maximum social fission or multiplier effect within the WeChat ecosystem. It can be forwarded or shared easily in any WeChat chatroom between friends, through QR codes scanning regardless it is online or offline,  all is done within WeChat Social E-Commerce ecosystem.

Businesses can complete a closed-loop transaction within WeChat ecosystem, which break through the limitation of time and space. By adopting WeChat Social E-Commerce, it enables exchanges between online and offline businesses for online sales, online payment, offline services fulfillment, and etc. The entire e-commerce process can be fulfilled within WeChat Social E-Commerce. It allows business operators the opportunity to provide a better customer experience through strong engagement with customers and achieved better retention of users

What is the difference between WeChat Social E-Commerce and  Mobile Application APP?

With the mobile internet revolution, APP has become an indispensable part of everyone's life. From Users perspective, mobile APPs require installation, APP may not be used as often but occupied large amount of memory space in mobile phones, and some APP require pre-registration before use. And for businesses, developing an APP is not only costly but also require dedicated personnel to maintain the APP and ongoing marketing expenses to build traffic to acquire and maintain users.

  1. WeChat Social E-Commerce  requires no installation, Official Account and Mini Programs does not need to be installed hence no worries of insufficient mobile phone memory. All you need is just one super APP called WeChat. 
  2. WeChat Social E-Commerce can be managed from one back-end platform. Operations is easy with back-end functionality for products uploading, order management, customers management, online payment and so on.
  3. WeChat Social E-Commerce is based on cloud service, business owners do not need to worry about maintenance or upgrades. Business are able to reduce on development and operation cost. 

What is the difference between WeChat Social E-Commerce and 3rd party platform?

Massive traffic pool and various entry points. Leveraging on WeChat’s 1.16 billion global active users and 25 million active users in Malaysia. The Search Function, Official Account, QR code scanning, friends and WeChat group sharing and etc.

Traffic is wholly own by Merchant. Information and data belong to each merchant thus enable to create own private data traffic. This enable the data traffic to be attained at minimal cost. With own private traffic pool, Merchants can do marketing campaigns in a more efficient and effective way.

Why adopt WeChat Social E-Commerce for marketing and brand building?

Duplicate names are not allowed in WeChat Social E-Commerce registration so each name is unique with its own brand name. In other words, there can’t be two WeChat Social E-Commerce registered with the same account name.  Therefore, it is essential for brands to register their own WeChat Social E-Commerce earlier to improve its online identity as well as to protect own brand name. Registering for a unique WeChat Social E-Commerce ID has been quite competitive, just like in the past when one competes to secure its own domain name. 

WeChat has a wide range of communication channels. Comparing to the conventional way of acquiring users, WeChat Social E-Commerce allows target users acquisition at minimal or even no cost through WeChat channels such as Good Product Circle (好物圈, HaoWuQuan), Search Function, Moments and “Mini Program Search function”. These functions not only creates Brand Awareness, it also encourage O2O concept (Offline To Online, Online To Offline).

Promotional activities can be done everywhere. Every Store have its own unique WeChat Social E-Commerce QR code. This unique QR codes can be easily shared among friends to promote in-store promotional activities such as products launching, discount offers and coupons redemption effectively and efficiently. 

How WeChat Social E-Commerce enable businesses to  transform to digital business?

WeChat Social E-Commerce sync online and offline businesses O2O concept. Users access to WeChat Social E-Commerce by scanning or extracting the QR code anytime and anywhere; payment can be transacted online without even physical presence and merchants are able to engage with customers regardless through Online or Offline to attain better users retention. 
For example:F&B Industry: Users may place an order or special request in advance via WeChat Social E-Commerce online. Orders and payment can be processed online so the merchant can put more effort on their products and services required by the customers. A more effective and efficient way to run a business.

More examples: 
(1) F&B industry: Does not require to download APP or handling traditional phone call orders, users can make use of WeChat Social E-Commerce to place orders,  special request (if any) and checkout. Users then wait for the food to be delivered to their doorstep or proceed to takeaway counters. (2) Retail industry: Normally users find interest on some particular products shared in other Social Media Platforms, users normally have to copy or search the product on web page to complete the purchase through other online shopping portal. This hassle of redirection significantly causes a decrease in conversion rate. With WeChat Social E-Commerce, users are able to directly enter to the Merchant's Store to complete the purchase which makes the whole process hassle-free. No redirection to another platform and greatly shortens the customer buying process and experience eventually this will lead to higher conversion rate. 

How can we  increase users’ retention and improve repurchase through WeChat Social E-Commerce?

WeChat Social E-Commerce enable Merchant to have a close engagement with users and customers. Merchants are able to run precision marketing and promotional activities based on the RFM analysis.Examples of marketing options: gift for newly joined member, gift for every top-up,  gift for members upgrade, reward points redemption, and multi-tier membership system based on points accumulation, spending amount and balance top-up.  Extending the membership system by rewarding returning customers. The idea behind an effective loyalty program is that the more loyal customers they are, the more rewards they’ll get and better the business.

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