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WeChat Solutions Provider

WeChat Official Account Setup

Build personalized WeChat platform. for you, and Create a brand official website in the WeChat system.

WeChat Mini Program Setup

The super APP in WeChat utilizes the huge user base of WeChat. Spreads rapidly, social fission and brings transaction volume to merchants.

Cross-border payment

Cross-border payment to help merchants develop cross-border e-commerce market.

Xplora WeChat Marketing Solutions

Our services include the setup of WeChat Official Account. We provide training on how to use WeChat Official Account to create brand awareness and create a close relationship with customers.

Brand Positioning Analysis

Analyze the brand's market positioning and develop a personalized WeChat marketing plan

Platform Design

Provide you with a small program interface design and functions suitable for your brand

Content & Articles

One-to-one decoration for your official account and provide training services

Marketing Campaign Planning

Provide a full range of Chinese and Malaysian media cooperation, KOL, WeChat advertising, radio, etc.

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Mass Userbase

WeChat has more than 1.1 billion users worldwide. WeChat advertising can help you reach WeChat users all over the world

One-Stop Solution within WeChat Ecosystem

WeChat has a complete ecosystem that can help businesses collect their own traffic and retain customers


Customize a personalized delivery plan, and deliver to your target customers through age, gender and tags

Business Intelligence/ Big Data/ AI

Use big data to help your business decisions


WeChat advertising is a social marketing platform based on the WeChat ecosystem. It integrates multiple resources such as Moments, Official Accounts and Mini Programs comprising of users' social interactions, contents sharing and daily postings. WeChat uses advance data algorithms to reach out to the precise user group.

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We are recognized by clients for our professional service and advance technology. We strive to assist merchant by providing the best solutions to enable them to transform their businesses digitally.

“We appreciate Xplora for your expertise and professionalism in provision of your one-platform solutions as well as in responding to our requests. Your team have been much helpful and supportive to our requests. Not only does the system has great features, its simple functionality could greatly help our daily business activities needs. We are expecting for a larger presence growth in the market as well as the China market.”
“We are delighted to be working with Xplora and see our partnership as vital in reaching and connecting with our Chinese customers. With Xplora expertise, we were able to leverage WeChat platform to increase our brand awareness and engagement. The platform is absolutely easy to use.”

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